As well as a Domain Name to provide an address for your site on the Internet you will also need a location to store the website components so that your site can be accessed on the Internet.

Your Web Hosting Service provider rents space to you for a monthly or annual fee.

Choosing a Web Hosting Service Provider

You can either nominate a specific Web Hosting Service Provider that you prefer, or I can set it up for you on an Australian based hosting service provider that I frequently use on your behalf.

If you prefer to select your own provider, here are some of the questions to consider.

Do you prefer to use an Australian based service vs an overseas located service?
Generally it is considered faster for Australian visitors to access sites located on Australian hosting over an overseas located site.
Support services can generally be more accessible for a locally based provider, especially if you wish to contact them by phone. Most issues can be dealt with using online communications, but urgent requests may need a more direct approach.

Types of Hosting Services

There are various types of services available:

  • Free of very cheap – not recommended or used for sites I build since they don’t usually provide all the services I require to build a quality site.
    • Online site builders (eg WIX, Weebly, SquareSpace, etc) – good for DIY website.
      • Shared Server Hosting – popular and affordable way for small business to get online – this is the minimum requirement for sites I would be building for you.

      Things to check if you are choosing you hosting provider yourself

      • What services are included?
      • Does it provide a scripted WordPress installation – often described as CPanel or Softaculous functionality
      • Does it meet your email requirements?
      • Do they provide backup and support services?
      • What security options are available for protecting you site against spam and hacking other than backups?

      I am happy to review any Hosting Provider has at least the minimum requirements for your new website.