Web Hosting Checklist

For your WordPress site, you should review any web hosting against a checklist of services and features.

Be clear on what your minimum requirements are before starting to search for a hosting service.
Make a checklist and score each hosting service to get a clear picture of how well your current and future needs are met.

  • A CPanel administration feature, or one-click WordPress install” or “WordPress support” or “easy WordPress install
  • What types of content are you publishing? Will your site be featuring lots of videos and high resolution photos, or will it be mostly text based?
  • How many visitors are you receiving and what’s the projected growth for the foreseeable future?
  • What additional services do you require? For example email services, managed hosting and offsite backups.
  • Do they offer unlimited storage space and bandwidth which removes any worry about keeping within a limit as you grow your site content. It is in fact not unlimited since hosting services are on shared servers, but it does mean there is no quota on your account requiring you to upgrade to a more expensive service as soon as you run out of space under normal usage.
  • What are the costs for signup and renewal and what features are included or excluded?
  • Provide an easy way to communicate with them — to ask questions, submit a trouble ticket, etc
  • What are the available support channels – email, forums, live chat, telephone, 24/7 or office hours?
  • Provide an easy way to check the host’s system status, so you can quickly find out if your server is experiencing an outage and what’s being done about it, without having to submit a trouble ticket and wait for a response.
  • Where are the majority of your visitors or target audience based? Do you require servers in a certain location or would geographically distributed hosting be more appropriate?
  • Is the physical infrastructure hosting located in Australia or overseas?
  • Do you require an Australian owned service?
  • How important is uptime to you? Does your site generate income and how would 98% uptime impact you, compared to 99.99%?
  • Research online reviews about the company. Formal reviews are often more value than general customer comment since these are based on comparative testing of the service.